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Is this a bad thing? Am I just being paranoid?

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Okay, I'll write the question in english because I'm not so good in norsk yet, okay so I go in the 10th class and there was one time when I and my friend went to canteen and we sat in the sofa there and there's these three guys who went to sit with us, and taller guy whom I don't know and I'm not close with sit beside me and he was so near like we knew each other long time ago, and is just so strange and then my friend and I decided to go back in our classroom and then the boy who sat beside me shouted "ikke gå du skal få en beskjed" and I don't have any idea what does he mean by that and when I went home I keep thinking about that incident and I remember he's the guy in 9th grade who always say hi to me before when I pass by in their classroom, and after like 3 days we met again and he said hi to me sonI ignored it because I thought it was not me that he's saying hi to, and then everytime we meet he's making eye contact to me and I feel strange is this a bad thing? Am I just paranoid?


Besvart 21.01.2014 18:00:41